Senior Moment


     Senior Moment

Glenstone Baptist Church, March, 2020

               It is with great regret that I write the following words 
to you.  As far as I know, this will be my last Senior Moment to you as 
Eula and I are going to be moving to the Baptist Home at Ozark, Missouri.  
I have enjoyed writing and getting this paper to you for 18 years.  In 
that time, I believe we only missed a single issue.  Your encouragement 
and comments have always been blessings to us.
               We do not leave Glenstone as a matter of choice, but the 
Baptist Home now offers us a different life-style for which we feel the 
need.  Continue to pray for us as we shall for you.
               Yes, it is coming!  And has been for a long time.  The 
Bible has been forecasting this special time for a long time, so far.  
Of course, many people are not anticipating this event, but the Bible 
has been forecasting this event for many centuries.  And yes, Easter 
is still one month away.
               The truth is that this event has been in our Bible which has spoken of the fact of this 
event from a beginning in the Book of Genesis for probably 6000 years and it hasn’t happened yet.  
But that doesn’t mean that it is not in God’s plans.
               As we read the Bible, we become more and more convinced that this great event awaits 
all mankind.  In fact, as we await the fulfillment of time, we become more certain that this event 
is a part of God’s eternal plan for all.
               As a matter of fact, this event has been a fact to be anticipated by all mankind.  The 
Old Testament has foretold this fact, and part of the story has already become a demonstrated fact, 
even if many people reject this story.
               The fact is that Jesus came as a man, who gave His life for all mankind almost 2000 
years ago.  People rejected His life and death then and many still do.  And obviously many questions 
still remain.  But, the answers will all be given when God is ready.   In the meantime, we will live 
and serve as God waits to do His will!
               And since we do not know or understand what the future holds for us, we will proceed 
to live our lives to the best of our abilities  When God is ready to call 
“time”  we shall respond to His "call” and answer positively.  
               This will be true whether our Lord makes His call on time 
and the world in the time which is coming or at a 
time which pleases Him or some other time.
               That time occurred almost 2000 years ago.  It occurred 
at a time when mankind was basically waiting for a decision about the 
future of time and for God to call the end of time as we knew it which 
He did and set time to being recorded them.  Ever since then time has 
been recorded differently.  We do not reckon time now as we did then, 
but it is still recorded as it was.  WE still look at what is happening 
and try to understand and try to get it to make sense as it did then.

By definition, a holiday is a day set aside by custom or by law on 
which normal activities, especially business or work including school, 
are suspended or reduced. The word at one time referred to holy-day, 
although most of the special days people observe now have no connection 
with things holy. For instance, April 1 is not recognized as a holiday 
for anyone, yet some people in their use of All Fools Day almost treat 
it as a special event.


The word Easter is not in the Bible except in the King James translation of Acts 12:4 where it is translated wrongly. It should be translated as Passover. Herod intended to bring Peter out of prison after Passover.


It must be said that there is nothing about rabbits, chickens, eggs (either colored or chocolate),pets or baskets that is strictly attached to the fact of Easter. These are simply additions for fictitious reasons which obscure the true message.


Neither are there scriptural reasons for the idea of Lent, a time of fasting and prayer.


Today At The Drug Store, The Clerk Was A Gent,  From My Purchase, This 
Chap Took Off 10 Percent.  I Asked For The Cause Of The Lesser Amount,  
And He Answered, Because Of The Senior’s Discount.  
I Went To Mcdonald’s For A Burger And Fries, And There, Once Again, Got Quite A Surprise;  
The Clerk Poured Some Coffee Which He Handed To Me, He Said, “For You Seniors, 
The Coffee Is Free.
Understand Now, I’m Not Old, I’m Merely Mature, But Some Things Are Changing, 
Temporarily I’m Very Sure; The Newspaper print Gets Smaller Day By Day,
And People Speak Softer. . . Can’t Hear What They Say.  

My Teeth Are My Own. . . (I Have The Receipt.) And  My Glasses Identify All 
The People I Meet.  Oh, I’ve Slowed Down A Tad Bit. . .Not A Lot 
I’m Sure.  For You See I’m Not Old. . . I’m  Only Mature.
The Gold In My Hair Has Been Bleached By The Sun, You Should See All The Damage
 That Chlorine Has Done.  My Car Is All Paid For. . .Not A Nickel Is Owed, Yet Some Kid
 Yells, “Old Duffer,  Get Off Of The Road.”
My Friends All Get Older. . .Much Faster Than Me,  They Seem Much More
 Wrinkled, From What I Can See.  I’ve Got Character Lines, But Not Wrinkles,
 For Sure, But, Don’t Call Me Old, Just Call Me Mature.
The Steps In The Houses They’re Building Today, Are So High That They Take Your Breath
 All Away.  And The Streets Are Much Steeper Than Two Years Ago, That 
Should Explain Why My Walking Is Slow.
When I Stoop Down To Get Something From The Floor, I Ask The Question, “While
 I’m Down Here is there anything more?”  I’m still in  the Running. . .In This
 I’m Secure, I’m Not Really Old…I’m But Only Mature!
Blend 1 cup of love with ½ cup of kindness;
  Alternately add in small portions:
    1 cup appreciation and   
    3 cups pleasant companionship into which has      
        been sifted
        2 teaspoons deserving praise.
  Flavor with 1 teaspoon of carefully chosen advice.
  Lightly fold in one cup of cheerfulness to      
  Which has been added a pinch of sorrow.
Pour with tender care into clean hearts and bake until well-matured.  
Turn out on the surface of society, humbly invoke God’s blessing, 
and it will serve all mankind.  Anonymous
A. T.& T fired President John Walter after 9 months, saying “he lacked
 intellectual leadership.”  He received a $26 million severance package.  Perhaps
 it’s not Walter who’s lacking intelligence.
GO TEAM for March
GO Team for March will be on March 17th and will feature Richard Crabtree featuring houses
which Springfield has lost. 
This meting will be at 11:00 AM and will be followed by a carry-in-lunch.