January 2020  
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Pastor's Words
Dear Saints of Glenstone,

The celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior is upon us.
The Incarnation is a miracle beyond our comprehension.  God, 
the Creator, becoming one of His creatures...a man.

As we celebrate His birth and think of Him as the Babe in 
the manger,keep in mind that he remained a baby for just a 
short time.  He grew to become a man, a man who lived a 
perfect, sinless life that He might pass His righteousness 
on to us who believe in Him.  

He was born to die in our place, bearing our sin in His body.  
Then came Sunday!   He rose and ascended to Heaven to 
intercede with the Father in our behalf. Glory, what a Savior!

2020 is coming sooner than we expected.  I'm praying with you 
that our gracious Lord will do great things in our lives, our 
families and our church.  

Things that can only be explained by "God did it!"

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a blessed NEW YEAR.

Because He Lives!

Brother Jim Wilcox