March 2018  
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This morning I was reading from Ezra. God's people were sent back to rebuild the temple. This rebuilding was embraced with enthusiasm at first, but soon the enemies of God looked for ways to frustrate God's work. Some scholars say those who frustrated God's word delayed the rebuilding by 20 years. If there would have been no delays, the actual rebuild would have been three years.

God's plan prevailed! Ezra 5 teaches that God's people continued the rebuilding and in chapter 6:14 tells us that they successful in rebuilding the temple. They were successful because they were obedient to God's word.

It always comes back to the Word of God. Psalm1:1-3 teaches us not to listen to those who would frustrate God's work (verse 1). We are to delight in His Word day and night. Verse 3 ends with a promise to those who follow verse 2 "Whatever he does prospers."

Meditate - think about - God's Word all day and apply it to every circumstance you face. Do be discouraged - focus on Him - Praise Him in all things.

Pastor Doug i